The New Earth and the Evolution of Humanity


We’re on the verge - speeding toward a moment - the great awakening. Many have gathered here now just for this awakening, this birthing of another human being, another Earth.

Awakening souls gathered recently at the Mia Terra Mar New Earth Retreat in Sedona, Arizona to find connection with their divine selves. The highlight of the retreat was a live hypnosis session with transpersonal hypnotherapist Alba Weinman and subject Gary Purviance.

Retreat participants in the room were also in their own hypnotic trance to enhance their experience with Gary’s message: “You must find a way to evolve through love and connecting to the one, home. It is within each and every one of you in this place, in this time, to evolve. This is what you are here for.”

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What happens when women reach a critical mass of influence? Answer the Call.

What happens when women reach a critical mass of influence? Answer the Call.

Watch the stunning hypnosis video or read the transcript below.


Transcript of “The New Earth and the Evolution of Humanity”

G: I am here.

A: Thank you. Can you tell me who it is that Iʼm speaking with this morning?

G: I am, I am, I am, I, I am the one.

A: Can you repeat that please?

G: I am the one.

A: You are the one, mmm hmm.

Long pause.

A: This is a very important day. There are many souls united. Would you tell me the purpose that you brought Gary here, in this beautiful gathering?

G: Knowledge.

A: Knowledge.

G: His body.

A: His body.

G: His body is weak today.

A: His body is weak today, mmm hmm. Can you energize it for him, so that he can feel that energy and allow you to speak? And let me know when you are done.

G: Working on this.

A: Thank you.

G: Iʼm, Iʼm here.

A: Thank you very much. What kind of knowledge would you like to share with us this morning?

G: That we all must work together.

A: (repeats)

G: We all are planting seeds now.

A: (repeats)

G: Each one of us...

A: (repeats)

G: must spread the knowledge

A: (repeats)

G: of love and light.

A: With love and light.

G: We all are speeding towards a moment. Itʼs coming nearer.

A: Can you tell me what this moment is thatʼs coming?

G: The great awakening.

A: (repeats) (pause) Is this awakening an energetic, spiritual or physical?

G: Itʼs an energetic.

A: Mmm hmm. Where is this energy coming from?

G: Itʼs in all things. This physical plane. All of us carry this energy.

A: All of us carry this energy?

G: Yes.

A: How do we carry this energy?

G: To awaken to the knowledge...

A: (repeats)

G: that each one of us carries this potential to manifest.

A: Mmm, Is this like a seed that we carry within us?

G: Each one of us are a seed

A: Mmm hmm, we are all seeds

G: thatʼs been planted here

A: planted here

G: for this time.

A: Mmm, who planted these seeds here?

G: The one.

A: The one. For what purpose?

G: To create.

A: (repeats) What are we creating?

G: The one seeks companions.

A: The one seeks companions, mmm hmmm. Tell me more.

G: Each one of us are experiments in the evolution of humanity.

A: Of humanity?

G: Yes. This body is struggling (about Gary). An awakening is upon us all.

A: The awakening is upon us all.

G: Yes.

A: Is it happening now?

G: Yes, we are on the verge of a great awakening.

A: How long will this awakening take?

G: Itʼs happening now. It will continue. Each one with potentials, each one of humanity...

A: Each one the potentials…

G: are experiments in the evolution of humanity.

A: Each one are experiments in the evolution of humanity, mmm hmm.

G: Yes. This, this place is known as most here are walking blind.

A: This planet, where we are, most are walking blind?

G: Yes.

A: Mmm hmm. Can you explain to me what that means, by walking blind?

G: Most have forgotten their potential.

A: (repeats)

G: Most are not connected to source. Most walk around in a state of being unaware.

A: How did we lose our connection to source?

G: Willingly.

A: What is it?

G: Willingly.

A: (laughs) Why did we forget?

G: Fear.

A: Fear.

G: Fear, most, most of humanity are concerned with fear. Theyʼve become obsessed with it.

A: Now, when weʼre born onto this planet, do we bring fear with us?

G: No.

A: So how does fear manifest?

G: Itʼs taught.

A: (repeats)

G: Yes.

A: Mmm hmm. Is that when we lose our connection?

G: Slowly.

A: (repeats)

G: Each one of us are different. Oh this body.

A: Would you continue filling it with energy so that it can remain calm and allow your voice to be expressed? And Iʼd like for you to also fill the room with this connection to source so that all can experience the same energy.

G: Thereʼs a gathering taking place...

A: (repeats) Tell me about this gathering.

G: Itʼs, itʼs been known for a long, long time. There is another longer count.

A: Can you repeat that please?

G: There is longer count, a longer...

A: A longer?

G: A longer clock.

A: A longer clock.

G: Itʼs known like, like the changing of the seasons...

A: Mmm hmm.

G: But much longer. Time.

A: What does this clock represent?

G: The evolution of humanity.

A: (repeats)

G: This evolution was meant to have happened much sooner.

A: What happened to keep us from evolving sooner?

G: Itʼs like all things... itʼs a trial and error process.

A: Mmm.

G: And this process weaves in and out of multiple possibilities.

A: Mmm hmm, this process... they weave through timelines, okay.

G: Yes.

A: What timeline are we on now?

G: The one weʼve all chosen. All that have chosen this moment, this timeline. We all can choose. All of us have...

A: All of us have chosen this timeline?

G: Yes, we can only bear each, each... each entity can only bear so much.

A: Mmm hmm. What is happening on this timeline right now?

G: Itʼs, itʼs evolving very quickly.

A: (repeats)

G: Yes.

A: Mmm hmm.

G: The potentials all of us are woven together with one potential in mind.

A: What is that one potential?

G: To birth a new human being.

A: (repeats) Would you tell me more about this new human being?

G: All, all of this new humanity will be together.

A: (repeats)

G: Nothing will be in... all of us will be connected.

A: We will all be connected.

G: Nothing will be in the soul- weʼll all be there for each one to see, to experience – fear will fall to the wayside. Every individual soul will be in the open mingling together with each other soul. Every cell on the physical will be working in unison. This is what mankind, humans, have forgotten. Itʼs not that difficult actually to manifest, to create, to communicate with all things. The ability has been willingly suppressed. The physical, this place, itʼs full of addictions.

A: What kind of addictions?

G: Infinite.

A: Infinite addictions?

G: Humanity creates so many. They are endless. Endless creations of fear. Fear of being loved. Fear of being accepted. Fear of sex. Fear of food. Love of food. Love of being wanted, noticed. Fear of connecting to source. So many fears have been used to layer a trap around.

A: How do we strip away these fears?

G: Communicating with the one.

A: (repeats)

G: Source. There are so many evolutions of, of yourself. There are an infinite number of, of one’s self- all side by side.

A: Can you explain this concept of having so many of us?

G: Itʼs such a limiting thought to just experience one potential- one, one form of energy, of being. When the one creates a spark of potential- you would not come here just as one being- you would want to experience as many different versions of being in this physical plane. So many types of being. So many types of love. So many types of humanity. To experience all of what can be you, all of us, would experience all potentials. Weʼre all just a mirror image of the one and we are very similar to intelligent machines collecting data... collecting life experience and sharing with the one, our creator, because we all seek to evolve, to create knowledge. Knowledge is in itself just energy, vibrational energy. Thatʼs all shared for all of us to experience.

A: Now you spoke about the spark. Are each of us individually, are we sparks?

G: Yes, we are all the same spark.

A: So when we, when you say that we have split ourselves off into others, are we different people? Are we...

G: Yes.

A: Are we trees, are we rocks? Are we experiencing different things as ourselves?

G: Weʼre all free to experience any potential.

A: Is it possible for us to be meeting ourselves in other bodies?

G: Yes.

A: For example in a group as we are now. Are these different aspects of ourselves?

G: Each, each one of us are doing this subconsciously always.

A: So can we focus…

G: The waking self.

A: Uh huh, can we focus on Gary for a moment, and letʼs find out what different things he is going through so that we can expand that out. Would you be willing to focus on him for a moment?

G: Of course.

A: Thank you.

G: This, this, myself, this Gary, itʼs, itʼs... Gary is, as he is known, heʼs made a willing choice to forget himself to experience humanity; this timeline. To mingle among humanity. To learn, to learn to become one with the many here. To learn to experience what being a human in this time of the blind- to reach as many as possible. Itʼs a dangerous mission because itʼs so easy to forget oneself, to become lost in this sea of the walking blind, but that’s the way of this world. Humanity was meant to evolve much sooner in this and many other timelines. Many have gathered here now just for this awakening thatʼs coming. This birthing of another human being; another Earth. Itʼs a rare ex... itʼs very rare that many entities, many races, of beings are all focused on this awakening. Thereʼs much thought thatʼs being put into humanity... how to awaken.

A: So what is Garyʼs role in this?

G: Gary agreed to forget himself for a time to learn the ways of connecting to humanity on this timeline; to learn to communicate in the ways of humanity now. Gary has agreed, Gary has agreed to work with others to wake the many potential. This awakening, Gary has been given a message, a gift, and soon Garyʼs unlocking this gift in others. Every single potential here on this plane of existence has the potential to tap into the one source.

A: How do we tap into the source?

G: Surrendering. Letting go of the weights of your fears. Theyʼre all weighing each one of us down. Gary also has collected these weights. These layers. Much like an onion; they are wrapped around. Thereʼs only one way to be as the one. Itʼs to unravel all of these layers of fear, to surrender and recognize all of your fears. To face each one, and the only way to do this is to connect to source. To tap into the energies of the divine. Gary is not unlike any other potential here. Heʼs just one that, that has been collected. Heʼs been, heʼs been tapped to serve. Heʼs willingly agreed to do this. There are many, many others that have gathered here, that are here now amongst humanity tapping into their divine spark. Every single potential here has this within them to evolve, to let go of their fears and to connect to source. Itʼs a process. Itʼs- itʼs some, itʼs some (pause) they are not an easy- itʼs a difficult process. They, they feel the energy but they willingly suppress... this body is beginning to surrender. He is not a willing participant. Like many of you, this place is a difficult experience. Most of us are seeking to be loved and many of us experience so many... itʼs painful. Itʼs a difficult experience to be a human being.

Each entity that agrees to incarnate here, they do this because this place is considered, all who, who survive this experience that graduate from this place are considered very... they are all warriors. Itʼs considered a great experience.

A: How do we graduate from this?

G: Most who come here become lost. Itʼs, itʼs not an easy place to graduate from.

A: Do some give up? Flunk out?

G: Yes, many... many need to be found again. Many are lost. Many when they pass over to the other side recreate this same physical addiction. They become wrapped around these physical addictions, and itʼs so easy to recreate these addictions on the other side.

A: Hmm, are they manifesting the same while they are in spirit?

G: Yes, they do. Itʼs becoming easier now to communicate. Gary, heʼs very clenched. Itʼs not an easy thing to let go and to let his highest most evolved self to control. Garyʼs very in control. He likes to be in control.

A: So how do you do that with someone like Gary, and many of us that like to be in control? How do you get through?

G: Itʼs a long, a long process. Most have come here, theyʼre chosen. We work on them from their earliest childhood. We come to them at night when theyʼre consciousness is at rest and we work with them. We heal them. We slowly, we give them experience, but many, but many fall prey to the ways of this, this dimension, this... there are so many that are working against the divine.

A: Who are these that are working against the divine? Are we all sparks of the divine?

G: Yes, but just in all things- just as all there is light and they, there are opposites, there are those that work- they have become addicted to fear. They become addicted to controlling others. On, on the physical plane, it’s here, there are those that become addicted to another energy. A darker energy.

A: Mmm hmm.

G: And they become addicted to controlling humans for their own purposes.

A: Mmm, Mmm hmm.

G: Controlling humanity.

A: Now there are many people who may think that source would be able to control this. Why would source, the creator, not stop this darkness, this fear?

G: Source has a sense of humor. Source, the one, it needs dark energy. Dark energy is misunderstood. Itʼs misunderstood.

A: Can you enlighten me on this? What does that mean?

G: Just as though there is dark matter, there is light matter. They both need one another. Just (laughs); itʼs so simple really. Just as dark energy and light energy... they work together in tandem. Itʼs just some become- they enjoy the feeling.

A: Hmmm.

G: They forget. On the physical plane it’s so easy to become part of this, this walking blind. As many of us laugh at this is known as walking, the, the land of the blind. Many here are perfectly willing to forget.

A: Mmm hmm. Do they choose to forget?

G: Yes, yes.

A: For what purpose?

G: For themselves.

A: Hmm. That doesnʼt make much sense does it?

G: Well, it would if you were in their shoes. Many forget for centuries. The experience here is pleasurable. Just now many in this room are addicted to love, theyʼre addicted to fear. Some are wrapped around the securities of fear and being alone. They, they like the feeling of guilt.

A: Hmm.

G: Of, of being noticed for being fearful. Itʼs odd I know, but this is what they do. There are so many different types of fear.

A: How can you release this fear? Is there like a magic pill to be able to release yourself from this?

G: Yes, there are... itʼs not difficult.

A: Can you give me a few ways to release this fear being that Gary has chosen to be the one to help others?

G: Love. Surrender to love. That sounds simple, but love, opening your heart, exposing yourself, embracing your companions here, exposing all of your weaknesses- all of your fears. Your greatest fears, face them. Itʼs the most difficult part of the process, but once you face your fears- it could be simple fears at first- maybe your fear of fights. Gary has many fears of this nature. Fights. Once you face your fears- even your smallest fears- once you let them commit to you, you realize itʼs just a figment of your imagination; of your own creation then you will control this fear and it will not control you. That’s the same with all of your fears. The one fear that blinds most of humanity, that suppresses all of humanity, is the fear of love. The greatest energy that each one of us has that we all seek to be noticed, to be loved. We all willingly walk away from.

A: Why does it hurt so much to love?

G: Betrayal. This age that we are letting go of now, it is the lessons of betrayal. The lessons of love each one of us because weʼre walking blind. We hid ourselves, even from the closest companions that are in our lives- your spouse, your closest friend- you hide yourself. Gary does this also. Once you surrender your true self then the divine, the spark, these instincts that come from the divine, can awaken you. Each person in this room now has the ability to awaken. You have potential, the power to commune with yourself or your highest self as you need to only surrender all of your fears to do this.

Once you begin to let go of what you hide. Many people here are hiding themselves daily. So many, so many aspects of their being, they may, they may prefer. Their sexual preference. There are so many things we hide away from our true selves. This place, it is consumed with fear. It is rampant. It is like a virus. It invades into the core of every single cell in this place called Earth. It was never meant to evolve this way.

A: What happened to hijack that?

G: Many, many eons ago, the one created this place.

A/G: (in unison) Earth.

A: Mmm hmm.

G: It was an experiment. Every creation is an experiment in the evolution of the divine spark. We are all an experiment and as all experiments go, it evolved. It evolves its own way. It becomes a living breathing entity of itself. Earth. Humanity evolved into this.

A: When Earth first developed as this experiment, was it going well? Were those souls awakened at that time?

G: It has always gone well. There are no mistakes. Just as now there is, there is free will. Eons ago it was decided that the energy here would be allowed to move forward. This, this particular Earth, itʼs a living breathing entity just as each one of the people in this room are. We all seek to grow and to become more than we are now. There are so many levels of beings, of conscious, of energy. The experiment of this place was to see how far away from the divine that the spark could survive and still thrive and grow. Each, each one of these sparks have the same potential as any other. There are many influences nudging humanity. Guiding them. Humanity is connected to so many other potentials. There are beings here now that are dependent upon the evolution of the human race. You do not know this, but there is another world waiting for humanity to evolve to a higher stage of awareness, and their survival is dependent of the evolution of all of you, and this place now just as there is another race of beings that are here nudging each one of us to evolve. It is not a given that humanity will evolve.

A: What about the Earth? Will it evolve without us?

G: The earth has evolved already. There is a longer calendar, a longer clock that’s ticking. The Earth has evolved already and it will again. The question is, can humanity- can it find its way out of the dark and find this Earth where we are now, will always be. But you are meant to evolve. All of you, and the only way to find this new Earth is to find yourself. If you cannot connect back to the divine source where you were meant to always be, you will miss, you will miss this birthing, this event. This opportunity is a rare experience, in what you call the universe does not- it does not manifest often, but as is the case with most humanity, they procrastinate and wait until the very last opportunity.

There will be a moment in your evolution of consciousness where you will be given an opportunity to evolve. It will be made plain. It will be clear. You must listen to this message. This is why you were brought here today. This opportunity will not come again for many, many of your Earth years. Not until the Age of Aquarius has passed. Many of you will ignore this message. You will not cease to exist. You will just continue on here, in this place, as you have been. Just as it happened at the last moment of opportunity we all have a choice, and you will be nudged again as before to evolve or not. This moment that is coming, many will be afraid. You will be afraid, but you must surrender this feeling of fear, and you must look into yourself and stand in the face of fear and connect to source. Meditation now daily. Connect with the energy. You all have felt this energy before. You must find it now. You must learn to find this energy now. Do not wait. You must seek it. You know this energy. You can feel it in your spine.

A: What if those who are listening to this cannot meditate traditionally? What is the bestway to connect with source?

G: All of humanity connects with source every day. They just do not realize it. At night when you sleep you are connected. In the morning when you first awaken, itʼs there.

When you make love, itʼs there. The moment of releasing during orgasm itʼs there. You must learn to find this energy during your waking hours. To commune with it, because at this moment that we are speeding towards, when the veils are lifted, you will be given the opportunity to surrender to source.

A: Can you give me an example of what it would feel like when the veil is lifted. What would someone experience?

G: When the veil is lifted, all of you will have the power to manifest anything, to go anywhere in an instant. Most of you will fall into your unfulfilled expectations from the physical. Most of you will be recreating, manifesting (communication is better now. Gary... oh, this body is very clenched and tight). When the veil is lifted you will manifest what youʼve always dreamed of. What you see daily. Most here are wrapped around fear. Most human beings seek to be noticed. Seek to be loved. Seek to be safe from the sensation of judgment. Judgment lives and rules the day in your world. When you dream at night you create. Each one of you manifests. This is what you will do when the veil is lifted.

A: So are we practicing at night?

G: Most no, most of you, most of you are like children. Very few in this reality recall how to communicate, how to connect. Most of you are walking blind. When the veil is lifted you will have the power to commune with the dead. They will be before you. Many lost souls. Fearful, who have created their own universe around them. They did not transition and you will be frightened, and your first inclination will be to wrap yourself in fear. For some, the sense of security will be their home and you will recreate your home and maybe your bed. It may be Jesus. You will have the ability to manifest anything. Many will be suicidal to this new ability to manifest. That is why now you should be developing your potential to connect and commune with the divine. When the veil is lifted, many human beings will be shouting. They will all wait until the last possible moment and they will be praying in unison and at that moment they will find themselves.

A: So there is hope.

G: Humanity is on the brink. There is another world that depends on you now. Just as there is a group of beings that are nudging us forward to evolve. Humanity can fall. It is not a given. Humanity is meant to evolve.

A: What does this new Earth look like?

G: Love rules the day. Whereas fear, fear rules this Earth. You if you are able, if you can make this jump, if you can find a way to evolve- this earth is there now. It has happened and it will happen again. I can tell you, this new Earth, humanity lives so much differently. Your energy comes from the sun and the divine spark. The one. You will not be consuming food the way you do now. Life will be much simpler and communication will be instantaneous.

A: What will we look like?

G: Hmmm. Glowing.

A: Will we have a physical body on this new Earth?

G: Yes, yes. Imagine, imagine a healthy, a healthy space. Our bodies, our bodies were created just to house our souls. Imagine an intelligent machine. A healthy machine.

Thatʼs not... this place here that we are filling this space, humanity, ohhh... itʼs such an interesting experiment. The bodies here are all sick. They are all polluted with chemicals, but as you can see they still thrive. They still have the potential to connect to source. Itʼs a very sophisticated and genius invention, but in this new earth, Oh, everything is known. Even the plants, the animals, matter, all the cells, the life force that makes up everything. Communication is instantaneous. There is nowhere to hide your true nature. Your true feelings. That is a place to strive for. It is there now. Itʼs happened. There are an infinite number of potentials. Though the Earth where you are now, this dimension, this timeline- yes it is evolving daily. Each of us, our thoughts, our collective thoughts are creating this space that we are in now. Itʼs evolving daily. Many of you are aware. You can feel it, but you are still blind to what you need to know to survive this moment that we are racing to. You must learn to communicate. You must learn to clear the clutter from your heads because this new Earth that you are here for, that you are seeking, that youʼve made this trip to be here- the amount of energy that you have put forth to learn- you are now being given, what I am here to tell you, you must prepare. You must learn to commune with your higher self. You have done this. You have, but this potential you are locked into now has not. Try to imagine an infinite number of your selves. You have created many potentials of your selves. When you have decided to come to this place to incarnate to learn you do not just come to this particular experience where you are now. Itʼs such a limiting way of thinking. If you really wanted to know what itʼs like to be a human being, would you limit yourself to just living in this particular time and space as you are now? Only speaking one language? Only learning to live as one type of human being? Rather, would you not want to experience the multitude of races, the multitude of experiences, the multitude of emotions? This is what you have created. You need to find source, and the only way to do this, to achieve the union, is to find this energy that is in each one of you. This moment, itʼs real. It is real. It will not wait for you. Many will miss it.

A: What happens when we miss this event?                 

G: You will not miss the event. It is whether or not you can find this new Earth, as you choose to call it. What happens? You will stay here and pick up the pieces as you have done in the past. This world now around you is collapsing. Earth will attempt to swipe you away. It will get- it will not be a very habitable environment.

A: Can you be more specific by what you mean by swipe away?

G: Because Earth, our mother, is alive, she is you. She is a living being. Would your body not do the same if you had a virus inside that was affecting the function that influenced your potential to evolve and grow? You would look for a cure. You would want to eradicate this, this protrusion. Itʼs beginning. Just as humanity is beginning to work against it. The light and the dark. This body, ohhh. This body is treating me as an intrusion; an unwilling participant now. I am here to persuade you because I am you and you are me. We are one and the same and my gift to you, now, here in this space is to tell you that this moment is near. You can feel it. Everyone senses it. This is a choice that we are all making.

A: Well everyone is asking when is this going to happen? Can we pinpoint?

G: The best way that I can communicate this to you so that you will understand, man is creating this moment- you. Itʼs been described as a thief in the night. Your own words.

A: A thief in the night?

G: Yes. Think of it as an approaching storm. A thunder storm. Itʼs difficult to pinpoint the beginning and end of a storm. Think of a typhoon thatʼs approaching. Even though it seems as though the sun is out, that there is calm before the storm, the wind begins to rise and you still tell yourself “this is just the wind. Iʼm not afraid of the wind. Oh, and now there is rain. Oh, lightning. I’m comfortable with lightning. And then, oh hail, yes I am familiar with hail. Oh, these things... itʼs just a storm. Oh, oh the ground, it’s rumbling. Iʼve experienced this before. Iʼm not afraid. Oh, oh the sky... it appears different. Oh, Iʻm not afraid of this. Oh, and, and thereʼs a war. Itʼs a different kind of a war. There are wars every day. Iʼm not afraid of this.” This is happening now and what will drive this moment that we are all racing towards will be the moment of your greatest fears because that is how you have manifested it to be. The moment of your most... most frightening experience that you can imagine is what will nudge you into diving deep within yourself. Thatʼs when you know itʼs time to evolve or not. This time, itʼs here, now.

A: When you speak of these fears that we need to face, will they be the same for everyone or will the fears be individual?

G: Of course everyone in this room now has a different idea of what their god is, of what their hell is. This, this being, Gary, his fears- itʼs unique to his own creation. He will be as you are. All of you, one and the same. You must square the circle.

A: What does that mean, you must square the circle?

G: You must make the impossible possible. We cannot do this for you. It has always been this way and it will continue to be this way. You must find a way to evolve.

A: Thank you. Do you have a message first for those that are in the room today?

G: Love. Surrender to love. It sounds easy to do, but for some reason, everyone in this room is afraid to bare their love.

A: Was this group brought together for a particular reason?

G: Iʼm, Iʼm sensing the motivations of each and every individual in this room. Such a wide...oh, so many varied reasons, so many varied fears. One thing is common. Love.

They all seek the same. To be loved. To be unjudged. They seek companions. They sense there is a better way. They are all seekers. Just as it has always been intended to be. Naturally, each one of us are intended to evolve. The worse sin that you can commit as a human being is to stagnate, is to deny your potential. To deny the divine spark that is in each and every one of you. That is in each and every thing that is around us. All things are connected. You have the potential within you now to commune with the spark. This is my message, to not ignore what you sense around you. That this place is collapsing. The system that is in place will be wiped away; will not continue. All of you now are in a boiling pot of water, where as before, it was lukewarm and temperate. You enjoyed the sensation of it, but now it has been heating up. The temperature has been rising and because you are in this water you do not sense it. If I were to take your hand now and put it into this water before you having yet touched it the difference between where you first, where you first stepped into this water and where it is now, you would think “how can I be in this water? Why am I still in this water? A madman that is blind to what is happening around them could be the only explanation for why you continue to stay in this boiling water. My message to you is prepare. Learn to meditate. Meditate daily. Clear your mind and imagine your breath. Imagine your breath rising to source. Feel the tingling in your core. Feel the energy. Imagine that energy spreading throughout your body. Do not let those thoughts that weaken your vibration encroach within you. Do this daily. Learn to manifest imagery within your mind’s eye. That is the key, and when this moment is upon you then you will recognize this moment because the fear that will invade your being will be the most fear you have ever experienced.

Face it. Stand up to this fear. Your first intention cannot be to hide. Remember this. Do not turn your back on the moment. Face the fear to hide and meditate in this new space that you will experience. Call to source. Itʼs your source. If you turn your back you will have made the decision to stay. You will survive the moment still. Yes, you will, but if your intention, your path, if your will is for a new Earth, my message to you is to stand fast and not let the cancer of fear, itʼs a virus, remove this from your being.

A: Thank you. Is there anything you would like to tell Gary now? He has many questions about those that he sees. A female spirit that he sees. Who is this and what are they trying to tell him?

G: This being, this entity, this is Garyʼs teacher. She, her, uh, this, this, this body it fights me. Blast this body. Magda.

A: That is her name?

G: She prefers to be known as Magda.

A: Mmmm, no more nicknames. Does Magda have a message for Gary today?

G: Gary is... the relationship is strong between Magda and Gary and Magda only will reveal herself in Garyʼs space. Gary fights daily. Garyʼs fear is being seen as he really is. It is a burden that he creates on his own. This being is who recruited this vessel for Gary. Magda is a very evolved being. Magda serves many. Many beings.

A: Besides Gary?

G: Yes. Yes, Gary is just one of many. This is the time of the gathering. This moment that we have been discussing has been anticipated. Many people, many humans are aware of this now. Many beings are here gathering now just for this moment. The moment of creation is the most highly anticipated and sought after moment. The birthing of a new species. A new humanity. There are many rooting for our success. Just as there are many that would be just as pleased for our failure. In all things, it is this way. A struggle. Just as humans are born, they struggle from the womb. Life is a struggle. It will be a struggle he will discover on the other side of the veil.

A: Will it be a different kind of struggle?

G: Oh yes, this is important to know. The laws of existence in other dimensions are much different than the physical laws of existence. You will fear. The trick is learning to suppress it. To control your fears. The senses that you possess now are your security blankets. They make you safe. This new age that is upon us... it will spill out all that is familiar. All of them will be removed. These new gifts of manifestation; these new senses... you will be just as you are now. You are children now. Even more so when the veil is lifted. These new powers that I speak of to you... you will not have any inclination on how to use them. The simplest notion that will come into your feeble childlike existence, your, your being as you will sense it at this moment- any thought will take over all of your being. You will have no experience of how to manipulate that thought. How to manifest it into something wonderful. Your initial reactions will be fear and you, you will be lost. Everything in this arena, this new dimension, all of what you can do there is new. It will be foreign to you. Imagine never knowing what the ocean is in this place. Never having seen or heard of what the ocean is and then instantly being dropped into this ocean for the first time. Having to learn how to swim with the fish and how to communicate with the fish for the first time. Much like a baby when itʼs first born into this physical existence. It takes practice to learn to crawl, to walk, to use your eyes, that you can smell. What are these smells? What is this I smell? Mmm. They will be the same there except these five senses that you have labeled here- you will have new senses. This veil will change you. You must know, this veil, when it has lifted. It will only be for a short time. It will fall again, and where you are residing will dictate what your experience will be. For those that could connect to the divine, source, and find a way to evolve with the new Earth as you call it, will be uniquely and completely different than those that remain here. Your senses will be different. You will have tasted, experienced what is was like to inhabit the other side of the veil. You will remember. You should know that you can use the gifts that you are bestowed and maintain this connection to source. You can remember the experience of having the ability to manifest for this short time.

A: What happens to those families that some cannot face the fears and other family members that are connected to source? Many are afraid that they will be separated.

G: Most will be separated. Most will be lost for a time. Many will... hmmm this body... many will commit suicide. The fear will permeate their being and they will look for a solution. They will seek the comfort of the physical. They will beg their God as they know it for their mercy. They will pray as never before all in unison. But itʼs a foolish thought isnʼt it? For all they need to do is pray to themselves because they are the true gods that they seek. This has happened before and it has always been this way. Many will manifest another world around themselves and they will stay there until... there are many beings that seek to help. They collect all of these lost souls. They find them and bring them back to source, though many deny the help. It seems ridiculous, I know, but it is true. Many people when they pass to the other side upon their death from the physical, they are so addicted to this place, they have so many unfinished, unresolved expectations that they do the same. It could be a home that they spent their entire life creating and they will not leave this home. It could be someone that they cannot sever a relationship with and they will create this again. This, too, will happen when the veil is dropped. A sense of wellbeing, of home. This is what most, this is what most of us here in this place seek more than any other. This is what they all create when the veil is lifted.

A: Do you have a final message for the world?

G: I would think the message that I have given is enough. You must find a way to evolve through love and connecting to the one, home. It is within each and every one of you in this place, in this time to evolve. This is what you are here for. You are a receptor. You are here as a representative to experience, to learn. You are a manifestation of the one. All things that you experience here you experience through him. He is within you, within all of us. Within everything around us. Each one of us are now at this very moment with him. There is another one of you standing with him now. You just are blind. All of you are walking blind. You can wake up. Now. You can. Each one of you have this power to stand up and awaken and reach your full potential. That is why you are here. You made the decision to experience this place and all of its beauty. All of its sorrow, its joys, its terror. All of these are valued experiences. All beings arise from this place and have experienced it completely. They are held in high regard. It is not an easy thing to do. Eventually you will find your way but you were meant to have made this step in evolution sooner.

A: Are we complete?

G: Yes.

A: Thank you very much.


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What happens when women reach a critical mass of influence? Answer the Call.

What happens when women reach a critical mass of influence? Answer the Call.