Awakening to Your Purpose through the Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness


We all have the veil. It’s being lifted. And you will decide which earth to shift your focus to.

Have you ever wondered what you're supposed to be doing in this lifetime and if you're on the right path?  Are you struggling to find your soul’s purpose?

Many of us are. We come into this physical existence on Earth with a kind of amnesia, one that keeps us ignorant of our true origins and purpose until we can learn our lessons and awaken spiritually.

We’re in the midst of a human evolution, an unprecedented era of change and growth. You’ve probably noticed it on social media. People are beginning to awaken and are trying to find a way to connect to their Higher Self.

Common thought is that we’re human bodies with a soul. But the truth is that we are actually souls that exist for a period of time in a physical form as humans, and our souls are eternal. We may have lived this human existence many times and are progressing on our evolutionary journey, or we may be new souls with many lessons to learn.

Some of us are Starseeds, advanced beings that originate from distant stars and galaxies, whose mission is to help humans transition to the New Earth. In this case, we may feel out of place, can’t connect with people, and long to go “home.” We’ve forgotten our divine purpose.

Regardless of who our souls are and how many times we’ve existed in a physical form, we all have come to this planet with a purpose. Our Higher Self knows our purpose, but our physical self has blocked this knowledge. We can’t see behind the veil until we are able to tap into this ancient wisdom that we carry within us.

One way to awaken and connect with your divine purpose is through past life regression hypnosis. Alba Weinman is a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist who helps those on the path to Spiritual Awakening through the Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness, a technique she developed from her training in Introspective Hypnotherapy with world-renowned hypnotherapist, Aurelio Mejia, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) technique with Dolores Cannon.

Alba helps her clients connect to their own heart and spirit, to expand their consciousness and go deeper within. She helps them feel the joy of listening to the source of their divine wisdom, their Higher Self, let go of negative attachments that cause pain and disease, and free themselves to fulfill the mission they were sent here to complete.

You can witness Alba’s hypnosis sessions on her very popular YouTube channel. Her clients relive past lives, gain insight into the truths of our Universe, and deliver powerful messages to those who will listen.

In Alba’s most popular video, client Gary reveals powerful truths about the New Earth and how humanity is being forced to evolve. Here’s an excerpt from the session:

Alba: Can you describe to me what this evolution entails? What does it mean by evolution when we talk about mankind? Is it physical, emotional, mental evolution, spiritual?

Gary: It’s both. Man is being forced to evolve whether he’s ready or not… So many are making the choice now to come here and help. More and more are incarnating to the physical here.

Alba: Can you tell me about this new earth?

Gary: It’s … it’s already … it’s already here…

Alba: Okay. How do we get on this new earth?

Gary: We make a choice.

Alba: What’s the choice?

Gary: Simply create it.

Alba: Is this individually or collectively?

Gary: Both… The ego does not reign supreme there.

Alba: What does reign supreme there?

Gary: Love.

Alba: Would this be the kind of love that you would have for, for example, nature, animals?

Gary: All things. It’s just we’re still in the old earth and all the other earths …

Alba: How many other earths are there?

Gary: Many.

Alba: Are these different dimensions?

Gary: Infinite.

Alba: Infinite. How do you determine which earth you’re on?

Gary: You learn this … we all have the veil. It’s being lifted. And you will decide which earth to shift your focus to. Many will fear. Many will not notice. Some will feel as if they are going insane. And some recognize the new earth for what it is and evolve there.

Alba: Is it possible for anyone right now to be on the new earth?

Gary: Yes.

We’re all feeling this cosmic shift, whether we’re conscious of it or not. Many of us are actively trying to raise our vibration and evolve. Those who don’t will be left behind.


Alba Weinman and her client Gary will be at the New Earth Retreat in Sedona, AZ on November 13-17, 2017, where they’ll share their knowledge and be available to answer questions. For more information about this interactive event and our other Spiritual Guides, please visit the New Earth Retreat webpage.