Learn to Manifest a New Earth Now


“Did you ever notice how life seems to be dancing all around you, full of synchronistic events which bring realizations into your consciousness? Well, it is true that you are the focus! Life is in service to your awakening.” ~ Dr. Christine Breese

Like no other time in human history, there’s an urgent need for humans to awaken and evolve. We’re being driven to connect with our Higher Self and get ready for the shift to a New Earth or be left behind.

Do you suddenly want more freedom and less “stuff”? Do you have an urgent desire to change your career or job? Do you feel strong emotions such as profound sadness? Do you have a deep need to connect with nature? Do you have vivid dreams? Have you noticed synchronicities? Are you focused on inspiration and personal development? Do you long to know your purpose?

If your answer is YES... congratulations! Your soul is in the process of awakening.


You probably have lots of questions. You might feel scared or frustrated. You might feel lost and confused. Maybe you don’t fit in anymore. Or maybe you never did.

You’re a seeker. You want to know your purpose in this life. You want to find the joy that you know is rightfully yours.

You want to see what’s behind the veil. You long for confirmation that something is there.

But FIRST, you must prepare.

If you’re ready to take the next step, then join us at the New Earth Retreat at the Sedona Mago Center on November 13-17, 2017. Get the answers you've been seeking in a supportive, loving environment.

The sole purpose of this retreat is to help you prepare for the coming shift, to develop a communion with your highest, most evolved self, and to discover your true mission in this life.

Come celebrate with us on an all-inclusive adventure of the soul in the beautiful Sedona desert and connect with like-minded people – your tribe.

You’ll learn from people who have been beyond the veil. Each one of our teachers will give you their perspective on how they found their own confirmation. How they learned to commune with their own Higher Self. They’ll teach you how to communicate -- if you want to -- and prepare for the NEW EARTH.

Who are our Spiritual Guides?

Alba Weinman is a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist who helps those on the path to Spiritual Awakening through the Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness. She assists her clients in feeling the joy of listening to the source of their divine wisdom – their Higher Self. Trained in Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) and Introspective Hypnosis, Alba has developed her own technique using past life regression hypnotherapy and the healing power of forgiveness.

Dr. Christine Breese is Founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences and Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community and Retreat Center, author of Reclaiming The Shadow Self, and director of the TV series Spirit Talk. She facilitates monthly ayahuasca retreats at Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador. Her teaching focuses on intensive guided meditation to facilitate direct and profound experiences of expanded states of consciousness, an opportunity to realize the truth of the Self.

Blair Styra is New Zealand's foremost Spiritual Channel and author of Don't Change the Channel. Blair channels Tabaash, a spirit who lived in ancient Sumeria about 5000 BC. He is as funny as he is wise. One could sum up some of Tabaash’s message this way, “We are all of God Nature, now. We are here to serve each other, now. We have all the answers to everything, now. Every day we give life to ourselves on awakening, and every day we have a choice on what to do with our life, and that day. We always have been the masters of our reality.” He gives us his wisdom now as we ourselves transform into our own God Nature.

Gary Purviance is a Spiritual Teacher and author of THE CON OF MAN: The Path to a New Earth, the amazing true story of Gary’s own spiritual journey on a quest for confirmation… proof that there is something on the other side of the veil and how he was able to get there. In his hypnosis session with Alba Weinman, the most popular video on her YouTube channel, Gary’s Higher Self shares an urgent message about the New Earth, that we are awakening and evolving and we need to prepare for what’s to come.

“We are more powerful together in thoughts, words and deeds and it is these things that we must pay more attention to, ensuring that what we are paying attention to is what we really want in our lives.” ~ Blair Styra

Everyone will have a unique opportunity to engage with our Spiritual Guides in order to help you find the confirmation that most of us have been seeking our entire lives. That there is something there. That there is life on the other side of the veil… and soon this veil will be lifted.

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Just for our guests… you’ll find a special kind of enlightenment in:

  • A Native American Fire Ceremony to help you release negative emotions and attachments, connect with your Higher Self and make space for new intentions.
  • A Starlight Meditation under a stellar night sky to infuse your soul with infinite love and a new understanding of your role in the Cosmos.
  • Electromagnetic vortexes that effect physical, energetic and spiritual shifts.
  • A Celebration Dance to share the love with new friends and community.

Bathe in the healing energy of Sedona on this once-in-a-lifetime, not-to-miss retreat.

You’ll awaken at the beautiful Sedona Mago Retreat Center located in an area of the high desert long known for natural healing and spiritual awakening, surrounded by red monoliths, Native American ruins and majestic mountains on a 163 acre property landscaped to honor Mother Earth's treasures. The center was designed to align with the healing energy of Sedona and the 12 small vortexes on the property that form one large vortex with its own unique type of energy.

Fuel your body and spirit with delicious, soul-satisfying pesco-vegetarian meals as you enjoy the warm community of new-found companions.

Find your life purpose and meet people who truly get you.

  • Wake up your spiritual self
  • Feel alive and sensual again
  • Reclaim your purpose
  • Celebrate with your tribe
  • Dance with joy
  • Form lasting relationships

Be part of a community of like-minded people as, together, you celebrate your awakening. Let this journey with our Spiritual Guides be the start of a lifelong commitment to your Higher Self and a beautiful new life on a New Earth.