Why Connect with the Divine Feminine?

The world around us is more and more chaotic and unbalanced, imbued with a dark, masculine energy that has created climate chaos, war and societal violence, unnatural extinction of species, loss of biodiversity, toxicity of water, air and soil, and toxicity of the mind and soul.

Women have the unique ability to change our pathway of destruction and turn us toward peace. Women have the power within them to rise up and answer the call, to claim their inner power and help our species evolve.

Women have the power to manifest a New Earth.

It’s time to come back into balance with the power of the Divine Feminine, and it’s time for women to lead the way.

The Divine Feminine is compassion, purity of soul, nurturing, life-giving and life-engendering. The Divine Feminine embodies the wisdom and intelligence of all that is around us – the creatures of this planet and Mother Gaia, herself. It’s the source of our connection to love, creation, and nature. The Divine Feminine is the very consciousness of who we are as eternal souls – souls who have come to this earth to experience what it is to be human and to evolve as part of a three-dimensional experience.

The Divine Feminine extends beyond gender. It exists within each and every one of us, regardless of whether we’re male or female. We are meant to live in peaceful community with the creatures of this planet. We are meant to celebrate life in this dimension. We are meant to evolve.